What makes O. Trevino Construction different from other companies?

In a competitive bid environment, it’s people that make the difference between being “low bidder” and acquiring a contract or being “second bidder” and coming away with nothing.  We are a company that places a high value on quality employees.  Our team of experts, our employees, make the difference.

Employee Development is a part of the culture of O. Trevino Construction

Our “On the Job Training” for unskilled or entry-level employees allows people to increase their pay as quickly as they increase their skills.

We incorporate formal training as well as mentoring and experience to create and maintain an environment that encourages everyone to continue to improve their value to the company and the industry.  Clear expectations are developed through periodic evaluations and mentoring. and resources are identified or developed that  provide methods for people to acquire the necessary skills to reach their goals.

Benefits are important:

We provide a 401(k) retirement plan with company matching funds and a profit sharing plan that benefits all employees.  We recognize that it is the efforts of our employees that determine the success and profitability of the company.

O. Trevino Construction is not just a place to work.  The employees described the atmosphere as one that “is conducive to allowing individuals to grow, excel and exercise flexibility” on the Award of Appreciation that was presented in 1999.

Community and Industry Involvement

“Every right implied a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every passion, a duty.”

This quote epitomizes the philosophy of O. Trevino Construction’s management and specifically, Oscar Trevino, owner and President, concerning industry and community involvement.  “There should be a corresponding amount of effort made to share with the community for what they shared with you,” says Trevino.

“We are fortunate in America to have the right to pursue our goals in the manner we choose,” says Trevino, “Along with the right comes a tremendous responsibility that is sometimes overlooked.  It is important that we create and maintain an environment within our industry and our community that supports other’s rights to pursue their goals.”

Oscar is currently the Mayor of North Richland Hills, Texas.  He has had an active leadership role in the future of transportation in the D/FW region with his involvement in many local, regional, state and national efforts.  Prior to serving as Mayor, he served on the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Board, Oscar is involved in many aspects of the community, such as serving on the North Hills Hospital Board of Directors and on the Teen Court Advisory Board.  He is also active in education and is currently a member of the Birdville ISD Foundation of Educational Excellence.  He has also served on the Site-Base committee for Birdville ISD, which promotes “hands on” science programs in elementary schools.  Trevino is active on the Texas Transportation Institute Advisory Council as well as having served on the Board of the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  More can be found about Oscar at http://www.ci.north-richland-hills.tx.us/dept_council_mayor.aspx.

Besides the individual involvement of Oscar, many of our company managers participate in community events and serve their respective communities or school districts.